Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Wishlist Wednesday Flash Deal!

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday! I'm popping in mid-week to let you know that I'm teaming up with my friend Christina at Hanging Around In Primary this week for her Wishlist Wednesday linky!

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Feedback Frenzy Winners Revealed!

Thanks to everyone who left me kind TpT feedback while I was away on vacation. I'm so glad you decided to play along!!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Feedback Frenzy!!

Hello everyone! I'd like to start by saying "Woo hoo for Spring Break!!" I am FINALLY on holidays, and can't wait to get away from the snow and ice for a bit! (Yes, there's STILL snow and ice where I live!!)

This year while I'm away I thought I'd host a little party.... Welcome to the Feedback Frenzy!
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

A Year of Awesome - Week 26

Our app catalogue was updated over the weekend and the kiddos got to spend some time exploring the goodies! They are so excited about having these full-time in our classroom - we are using them during every part of our day for so many different purposes! Just look at the engagement...! Awesome!!
This morning we participated in our school-wide Read-A-Thon and Pajama Day! Students collected pledges and classes signed up for half-hour blocks of time in the library. Some staff members decorated and created some cozy reading spaces and we got right into our reading - some students choosing books and other choosing our new iPads!
Today, as I spent some time after school redoing my wall-to-wall bulletin board after Friday's fiasco, I took advantage of having the ladder out to get the Heart Garden all up-to-date. Recently, the kids have been on a Garden-growing spree, and the Heart Garden messages have been piling up on my table. The reason for that is simply that our Heart Garden has just grown so large that I can't easily add the messages without standing on something. That is AWESOME!! Take a look at how we've grown...
I finally got our final If Kids Ran The World pieces up on the bulletin board! If you haven't seen this book you absolutely must check it out. It is a touching look at how the innocence of children could change the way the world runs.
The kids' versions are so sweet. I love that they wanted to do things like stopping littering, and donating things they don't use to people who need it more, and planting fresh food. How awesome!
I've posted early this week because the end of Friday marks the beginning of my March Break, and that is COMPLETELY AWESOME!! Since I'm heading south and don't have the extra time to finish up a blog post for the week, we're just going to assume that this is the most awesome part of the day! ;)

I do, however, have a little surprise for anyone who has purchased (or is thinking about purchasing!) from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom on TpT... Be sure to check my blog tomorrow for a big contest and Linky that I'm holding all next week, with TWO $10 gift certificates to my store available to be won!! Now THAT is awesome!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Year of Awesome - Week 25

Our new iPads arrived today!! I'm so excited to get some great apps requested for our catalogue so we can begin using them throughout the day. Today I brought the first three home to start getting them ready for the kids. Aren't they awesome?!
I'm on the lookout for awesome apps for my second and third graders... let me know if you are aware of some that we must have!

We've been working on multi-step problem solving and I just love watching the kids head to the T.A.C.K. Board to check on their communication. They head over together and look at all the parts of the chart to see that they've communicated their understanding clearly and completely. Check out the heads together! Awesome!

Today we had a visiting theatre company of retired teachers perform Charlotte's Web for our primary students. We JUST finished reading the book as a class read-aloud yesterday, so the timing couldn't be more perfect. They did a fantastic job!
With new iPads come new iPad rules!!
I couldn't resist the Melonheadz clip art for these. If you'd like to grab a copy you can now find these FREE - exclusively in my TpT store!

Today was a release day to participate in planning for my collaborative inquiry. I had a "Guest Teacher" in my classroom, and was determined to make the day run smoothly, because it often doesn't on days like this. I put together a simple reflection for my students - this sat on their desks all day long, and the children were expected to complete it prior to leaving for French at the end of the day.
They did, and I was impressed with their honesty. I signed each of them and they went home to families. I'm trying to encourage accountability with my students. I know they're young, but I think it is never too early to start. In my classroom, it is all about CHOICE. Everything you do throughout the day is a choice. Some are easier to make than others, but still they ARE choices. Choose wisely.

One not-so-awesome thing today was that this happened:
That was my wall-to-wall bulletin board containing the numbers and alphabet that you see in this photo:
The ENTIRE thing ended up on the floor today. I blame gravity. I think it was the culprit. I'm clinging to the hope that it wasn't my lunch helpers tossing things around when I wasn't in the room! (I did once find them playing Twister on my carpet - very clever, if you ask me!)

The day WAS a great opportunity to dig into the math resources I mentioned last week, however, and I had lots of time to do some strategic planning for the weeks to come and that's AWESOME!!

Do you have an AWESOME story from your week in the classroom, or an AWESOME math resource to share? Link up or leave a comment below! If you add a link, please share with your social media followers!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Year of Awesome - Week 24

I love this blog series. It forces me to find something good in every day. It hasn't been easy this week... we have all been cooped up inside for far too long because of the cold temperatures. The kids are struggling to get along, and I'm working harder at staying patient. Here's hoping that March brings some more reasonable weather conditions!
Today I just knew we were going to need to be moving to keep the kiddos engaged. With the bitter cold temperatures and the fact that it is a Monday (which is never easy in itself). So since Swiper has been challenging us to find the difference between two 2-digit numbers I thought we could spend the math block working on my Be A Subtraction Star SCOOT game, and it was the perfect choice!! It gave the kids plenty of time to move around - no sitting for us today! - and it gave me the time to work one-on-one with a few of my struggling students. That's awesome!

Our second day in a row (this week alone) of being stuck inside because of the extreme cold - not awesome at all. It is really hard - 20 kids and an adult stuck in one room together for the ENTIRE day. Luckily, we at least had phys. ed. to look forward to in the afternoon!

Today, in anticipation of tomorrow's Pink Shirt Day here in Canada, I read the book If Kids Ran The World to the class.
I've been saving this one for a while. Well, you can imagine when I asked the kids to think about what it would be like if kids ruled the world what sort of answers I got. Everything from free money to no parents to candy for dinner. Of course this was BEFORE I read the book to them. I wanted them to get the silly answers out of the way before we settled down to some more serious discussion. Once they did, I read the first few pages and then asked them to think about how they would change the world. The students first worked alone, then partnered up to share ideas, then partners joined up to create small groups.
I think most of the kiddos had some awesome ideas in front of them by the time this activity was done. We're going back to this next week - there were too many other things going on this week to spend the right sort of time on it. I look forward to what they come up with!

Today is the 8th annual Pink Shirt Day in Canada! Celebrated on February 25th each year, Pink Shirt Day is all about solidarity against bullying. It has its roots in a story out of our east coast where a male student was bullied for wearing a pink shirt to his high school. A pair of Grade 12 students organized the first Pink Shirt day in support of this student. You can read more about the origins of this date {HERE}. My students and I participated in this, complete with a pink bow tie! (I wish I had a photo!!) Awesome!
Today I introduced two-part problem solving to my kiddos. I wanted to see what they could do on their own before we delve too deep into instruction, so I partnered them up, spent some time with them at the T.A.C.K. Board, and let them get to work. I love observing kids when they are puzzling through problems - what they do, what they miss, how they tackle problems - it gives me such insight into how I can help them and where we need to go next.
Today was a partial release day for me to participate in a collaborative inquiry. I spent the morning with some colleagues investigating strategies and resources for developing mental math and number sense in the primary grades. We watched some interesting videos about the use of number lines and number strings, and were reminded of some valuable resources we have in our building - John Van de Walle's Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics, Number Talks, and Number Sense Routines: Building Numerical Literacy Every Day in Grades K-3. (Click any resource title for more information.)
I'm looking forward to a full-day of release time next week to dig right into these resources and get some planning done for after the March Break!

Do you have an AWESOME story to share from your week in the classroom? Link up or leave a comment below! 

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