Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Do You Love FREE??

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Not "Mom", but...WHO?!

One of my little people had me in absolute stitches today. Back up a sec... I should mention that I get called "Mom" a lot. It is cute. The expressions on those little faces when they realize what they've said... Well, if you teach little ones I'm sure I don't need to've probably heard it yourself once or twice.

Today, however, I was NOT called "Mom". Today was something far more impressive. I've been given a title.

Sorry... I'm getting ahead of the story again. We started working on an ADORABLE 3D shapes unit from Natalie's Nook, "May The Shapes Be With You". If you haven't seen this, you must. It is so fun!
I took all of the info cards and posters needed to complete the first activity - a mini-booklet - and spread them around the room to keep the kiddos moving and focused on the task.
I stepped aside to watch and listen, and after a little while one of my grade 2 girls came up and said (just as quickly and honestly as "Mom" comes out) "Princess Leia"... The look on her face when she realized what she'd said was priceless, and I couldn't stop giggling with her! I'm sure THAT is both a first, and a last! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Quick Fix!

Way back in August I gave my new classroom a makeover, painting the bookshelves and radiator that lined two of my walls. I still love how bright and beautiful it is, and how it makes the space feel, but there have been a couple of trouble spots that I'll have to patch up in the summer. One of those is the spot where I've been storing my class set of clipboards.
I was lucky to inherit them, but between the crate being pushed around, and the kids not being super-careful putting them away, look at what has happened...
Booo.... :'( I will have to repaint this section, but at least I shouldn't have this problem next year! I found a quick fix, and it only cost me $1.25! I grabbed myself a pool noodle at the dollar store, sliced it, and voila.....!
Now how smart is that?!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Flash Freebie!!

Thanks for the interest! The Flash Freebie is over! If you had any difficulty accessing it I would love to hear it... Teachers Notebook Flash Freebies is in Beta Testing and feedback is helpful! I've got a short Flash Freebie at Teachers Notebook happening NOW!! Click on the image to head over and grab a copy for your own classroom!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Don't Mind The Mess!

Happy Easter, Everyone!
I just wanted to take a sec to say hello, and ask that you not mind the mess here! I'm working on some updates and you may notice some links and features that aren't working properly. Bear with me!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Five For Friday/Saturday

I did start this post last night, but my hubby came home with The Book Thief on DVD so I saved it and stopped for the night. (BTW... have you seen it?! It was awesome!)
This was a great week! I'm linking up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching again for her Five For Friday Linky!
I took the class to the fire hall across the street from our school this week. The fire safety program is reserved for even-numbered grades, so it is the first time I've participated! I always taught grade 5, so having a 2/3 was my ticket in. The kiddos loved every minute, and we even got to climb aboard the brand-new fire truck!
Who is having the most fun?!
I shared the math site Prodigy with my class this week. If you missed it, I blogged about this amazing FREE online game HERE. The kids are already talking about our next computer block next week!

We've been recognizing Autism Awareness Month at our school. We "Lit It Up Blue" last Wednesday for World Autism Day, and over the past week have created a school mural in one of our main foyers. Each of the students in the entire building received a puzzle piece (symbol for autism) and the decorated pieces became the leaves for our autism tree!
This Tuesday is our long-awaited District Review... duh, duh, duh! (Click for the real sound effect!) It is also my day with no planning time. And it is a full moon. AND a full lunar eclipse - that should really bring the crazies out! Enough said.
I am VERY excited to finally have my "Good Readers" Mini Books BUNDLE completed! It is 25% off at my Teachers Notebook store this weekend! Click below to check it out!